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30 October 2005

Tastingmenu - read, weep

I do my best to make the content on this site as interesting and relevant as possible.  I also try to make it look good.  I've even been mulling a bit of a redesign of the site. 

However, I might as well give up.  Tastingmenu has always looked astounding and recently got even better.  They have developed a cookbook - Autumn Omakase - that is stunning and free. 

On the site they describe it as

One tasting menu. Nine recipes. One hundred-twenty four pages of obsessive detail. 399 gorgeous photos of every step, not just of the final dish.

Do yourself a favour - go and download it, now.  Even if you can't read, still download it - the pictures are mindblowing.  The fact you can get this for free does raise the question of why we buy expensive cookbooks with crap photos and recipes.


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