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16 September 2005

Menus, menus everywhere

Well, not quite actually and that's half my problem.  There are a few big meals that Silverbrowess and I (read me) are cooking over the next couple of weeks, but at the moment I haven't a clue what I'm going to make. 

I've got a colleague of Silverbrowess and her partner coming for dinner this Monday, I've got my new boss for dinner in two weeks and two days after that it's Rosh Hashanah and I'm making lunch on the second day.

The annoying thing is that I reckon I've got some of the food sorted, but it's in reverse order.  Rosh Hashanah will probably look something like this:

Tuna tartare
Kreplach in broth from bollito misto
Bollito misto served w/ salsa verde & salsa rosso, roast potatoes (I know, it should be boiled)
[No idea for dessert, but it would be nice if it at least was a nod towards seasonal ingredients]

Dinner for the boss is proving a bit more tricky, I was thinking of doing a fish starter, maybe a tartare or ceviche followed by lamb.  I've just found out that Mrs Boss doesn't eat fish so I reckon it will need to be a veggie type starter but stick with the lamb for main course.  I may also serve a light chicken soup/broth after the veggie starter/antipasti.  Maybe a plum tart for dessert - who knows?  Not me.  The other problem I've got with this meal is which wine to serve?  I'm clueless when it comes to the vine, unfortunately the Boss isn't, so obviously I need to impress and brush up quick sharpish.

As for the colleague's dinner, again no clue.  I thought about a starter of spicy corn chowder, a la Bouchon, but Silverbrowess was less than keen, putting the kibosh on that.  As for main course, no idea, I'm blank, ditto with dessert, although the ice-cream machine may come to the rescue. 

For some reason, traipsing through my multitude of cookery books hasn't helped on any of these three meals.  I need to get this sorted over the weekend - well at least I've got something to do while the in-laws are in town.


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