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28 September 2005

Leon**** (Redux)

As promised, I've returned to Leon on several occasions since posting on Monday and I have discovered the following:

  • They serve latte's that can only be rivalled by Monmouth's
  • They serve fantastic pain aux raisins, which for me is the key to a higher plain and ensures peace and goodwill to all men
  • Their wraps are good, particularly the fish one, although it does leave your hands smelling a tad fishy
  • They're not cheap but the service is excellent
  • The owners are keen as mustard, they regularly go up to the punters, ask them what they like or dislike and are genuinely interested in their answers

This is a fantastic lunch time venue.  The earlier issues I had have now been dealt with.  I urge you, if you're in the City and don't want another stodgy mayonnaise laden Pret sandwich then this the place for you.  Especially at the moment as it hasn't really been discovered by the raging lunchtime hordes and so for the time being, it isn't too busy.


The only faults I can find is that the menu isn't brilliant for those of us looking for that vege option, but I appreciate that in the middle of the City, meat sells.  My only other issue is that I feel they could better serve one's cravings:  they need more chocolate at the tills, or carb loaded food to ease along the tequila induced hang-overs.  Minor quibbles really.

One closing word on the pain aux raisins.  Admittedly, this is a bit of a fetish of mine, but the one's at Leon are fantastic, they're buttery with a decent helping of custardy goodness inside.  Crucially, they are baked too perfection.  Some bits are crispy and just shy of burned, other bits are soft and gooey.  If nothing else, one of these during the day ensures all is well with the world.

For those of you berating yourselves for not being near either the West End or City branches, I hear they might well open up in the Knightsbridge neck of the woods.


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