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11 August 2005

I Google, I Google, I Google, I Google, I Googoogoogle, Googoogoogle, Googling all over the World

I've recently fallen in love with Google Maps and Google Earth.  It would seem I'm not alone and there are far too many people out there with lots of time on their hands who are playing around with both of these tools for their own purposes.  Even I have, to a limited extent on my reviews.  Take a look under the address of the restaurant, say Refettorio, and you'll see what I mean.

Others have taken this playing around much further than I have.  One of my favourites is this offering from the US.  It basically plots Kosher restaurants and food shops throughout the US.  Now obviously it's appeal is limited to the US and to those interested in Kosher food, but as a concept it works very well.  What better than being able to see, rather than just guess, exactly where your nearest restaurant is, and because both GMaps and GEarth allow you to add links, photos etc, you can not only see where your favourite restaurant is located, but also read everything there is to know about it.  I'm hoping that Ari, who designed the PilotYid (not entirely PC naming that) site, might do something similar for the UK.

Before I laid eyes on Ari's site I was mulling over the idea of developing something myself, on which to mark all the restaurants/shops/markets etc that I refer to on here.  This would mean you would be able to see where things are located in relation to each other, rather than by themselves.  I'm just not sure my programming skills stretch that far.  Consider it a work-in-progress.


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