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10 August 2005

Gifts, gifts, gifts

I'm not a big birthday person - well I'm  big person I'm just not all that fussed about birthdays.  However, I've done well this year.  I've posted about my various dining-out experiences and Silverbrowess made me and my side of the family an astoundingly good meal based on what we had for dinner on our wedding night - a version of coq au vin courtesy of Leith's Seasonal Bible.  I'll post the recipe up shortly but it was stonking.  Silverbrowess is not always that confident in the kitchen - not helped by me sticking my nose in - but she did a great job (yes, I do know what's good for me, she will be reading this) but still needs to get to grips with onions and appreciate that just because they make her cry, they don't hate her.

Bjs_cookie_dough_ice_creamApart from the dinner, the other gift Silverbrowess gave to me was a Gaggia Gelateria.  Now this monster of a piece of kit is the answer to any desire to make ice-cream.  For some reason I've had a hankering to make ice-cream for a while and I wasn't all that subtle about it.  Following a slightly tense moment over an espresso maker last birthday, this was the perfect gift.  The inclusion of Ben & Jerry's recipe book and
Rosemary Moon's The Ice Cream Machine Book ensured I had a weekend of cream and ice.  I'd been using semi-skimmed milk rather than full fat which I subsequently realised was de rigeur, nonetheless I produced the smoothest, richest ice-cream I've ever been privileged to taste.  The fact that it had enormous hunks of cookie dough throughout it, meant that I could only just about handle three scoops of this elixir before I passed out.

My other gift of note was a Weber Smokey Mountain.  I had the choice of opting for a new bike and therefore try to cycle off some of the extra weight or going for one of these babies and adding to the weight.  I know I made the right choice.  I'm embarrassed to say it's still in the box, however, the next couple of weeks have smoking written all of them.

One final gift I mustn't forget, McGee on Food and Cooking, another item on the culinary wish list for some time.  I don't think I'll be the next Heston but I do look forward to learning the perfect way to cook a green bean.


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Awesome gifts - I wish I was so lucky! Read up on what McGee has to say, it's good stuff.

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