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06 June 2005

Not so tight buns

Chelsea_buns_2Friday was spent cooking, the weekend was spent eating.  Through the day I managed to make some more sausages, bake some chelsea buns, roast a chicken and work-up a marinade for a barbecue.  However, it's the buns I want to focus on.  I've made a few of Dan Lepard's recipes but none of the sweet items, and frankly the chelsea buns looked the best so I went for them.

Cutting to the chase: they tasted great and were easy to make.  I slightly mucked things up by managing to set them in baking tray the wrong way round, they're supposed to sit with the cut side up, like a pain au raisin, instead I put them in with the cut side being on the side, so they looked a bit more like a pain au chocolat.  Other than that they were great, next time though they'll spend a bit less time in the oven.  I followed Dan's recipe and used my oven thermometer but still they came out a bit too brown.  My only other comment would be my ineptitude at dredging the sugar in the final part of the recipe.  Because I drenched rather dredged, they ended up being pretty sugary, especially when I topped off the buns with the sugar glaze.  By not dredging properly the buns ended up not looking quite as good as they should have, instead they looked like there were patches of wet sugar sitting underneath the glaze.  Something to be more careful next time and that next time shouldn't be too long, when something tastes this good, even when it's done badly, you know you're on to a good thing.


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