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23 June 2005

Fast food, fast film

I realise this somewhat jars with the Italian flow, but this article in Kiosk Magazine (a journal dedicated to all things kiosk, hmm fascinating) amused me.  It would seem that in the US, McDonald's is beginning to offer DVD's at its outlets through a service called Redbox.  I can't quite figure out whether Redbox is part of McD's or whether it's a company that has signed a no-doubt exceptionally lucrative licensing deal with the ubiquitous Golden Arches.  Either way, the bit I loved in the article was the following quote in the first para:

"McDonald's [is] long recognized for successfully bringing together the elements of food, lifestyle and entertainment..."

You'd have thought that they'd never heard of Morgan Spurlock.

The story gets even better towards the end of the article when it reports that the burger-tossing professionals who currently serve behind the counters are being replaced with, yes you've guessed it, automated kiosks.  I'm unable to decide whether the prospect of not having McJobs is better for the human race, than having them.


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