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29 July 2005

Cavatelli e Orecchiette di Grano Arso

I've just seen this recipe for Cavatelli e Orecchiette di Grano Arso on Potential Gold.  Although at first sight the recipe looks like it's for pasta with a big arse, it isn't.  It not only sounds delicious but there's an intriguing history behind the dish.  I'll let Ore (Potential Gold's author) explain further. 

If you like Italian cooking, I'd also recommend looking through Ore's posts on his site about his time at Slow Food Cittá di Jesi, otherwise known as the home of the Slow Cooking movement's school in Jesi, Italy.


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Melfi, Italy: Marvelous burnt wheat pappardelli with a light tomato sauce served in a parmesan or grano fluted shell.
Will check with A.J. Ferrari for source. If anyone has info, please post.

Sue, are you asking people if they know where to get this burnt wheat parpadelli? What or where is AJ Ferrari?

Still looking for a source for burnt wheat pasta.
A.J Ferrari in SF area could not help, nor could "uptown" type Italian shops in NYC and Philadelphia.
Tis a mystery.

Sue, I can't see any sources for it, but can for normal wheat pasta.

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